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The Top Five Driveway Materials

When paving your driveway there are several considerations that you need to take into account- people don’t believe it’s a big feature, however when looking at a house it’s one of the first things noticed. It is important to pick the most suitable material for you, as it will affect the whole aesthetics of your house. Also, depending on the material, you go for will affect the cost of the material, durability and the maintenance that you do on the driveway. Therefore, meaning you need to ensure you’ve picked the best material for you, and it will be durable.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is known as the true beauty of concrete, therefore suggesting that it will develop the overall aesthetics of your house. The idea of exposing the aggregate has been around since the early 1900s and is a very effective driveway method. Exposed aggregate is a durable material, that requires little maintenance, which only needs to be resealed every couple of years.


Concrete is a very popular material to use when paving a driveway, and is quite a versatile material that can create a variety of different looks for the front of your house. Concrete is known as a strong material, and is incredibly durable- however over time may crack causing you to have to relay the material. As concrete is versatile you can create many looks with it and create a look that’s unique to your house, and therefore aesthetically pleasing. Concrete is known as one of the more affordable materials.

Bluestone paving

Bluestone is a form of sandstone and is a material that is used to create a more elegant feel to your driveway. It can come in a variety of different forms therefore can be specific to your house and your driveway- enabling you to create intricate patterns. Bluestone can form with other materials therefore able to create a contemporary stylish driveway that’s suited to your needs.

Clay brick paving

Clay brick paving has been used for driveways for centuries now, clay brick is formed and set into a certain shape and then baked into a hot oven- like pottery. Clay brick are rich in colour, create authentic characteristics and set in different patterns and combinations. Due to the diversity of the paving it makes the driveway unique to you, you can create your own design. However, even though they are strong materials, the material can be chipped over time, with good maintenance and a good base enables the paving to last longer.


Timber is the eco-friendliest option. They create an exciting contemporary feel to your driveway and enable you to create new exciting designs for your driveway. Timber driveways can be cost effective, and environmentally sustainable. The surface of timber may be more suitable for rural environments rather than going for a concrete option.

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Why You Should Build An Extension, Not Move

People often have the debate over whether to extend their home or just move to a bigger house, however we believe there are many reasons why you should extend your house rather than just jumping ship completely.

People are always looking for extra room or to upgrade their property, due to extending their family or adding a study or conservatory. There are several reasons why people would want to move, but there are many disadvantages with moving rather than just extending your current house. From having to find a decent removal company, to sorting the mortgage and caring for your disoriented, stressed children; moving to a new house is a stressful time and that’s why we’re big believers in the benefits of building an extension.

Saves time

Getting an extension over moving to a new house saves months of time. Moving to a new house can take several months to sort paperwork and contracts, to sorting removal companies and then waiting for other owners to move out their house. An extension wouldn’t cause you as much stress, and means you wouldn’t have to disarrange your whole house to get it sorted, where you would if you were moving. Meaning that whilst your extension is being built, you can focus on your family or other commitments you already have.

Saves Money

Extensions are pricey, however there is certain equipment you can get your builders to use that is cheap and affordable, which reduces the cost of the overall price. Moving to a new house means you must pay the removal companies, estate agents and high deposits- all these payments can quickly drain up your bank account. Therefore, you need to think is moving to a new house worth paying the extra thousands, over extending the current property you love and are happy in?


Moving to a new house is always hard if you are comfortable where you are living, the amount of memories made in the house make it hard to depart and leave it all behind. Children develop a strong attachment to their surroundings and routine, and normally get stressed when moving to new locations. With an extension, you can have a luxury bigger home, but also have the surroundings you have grown very comfortable in.

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How To Maintain Your Resin Driveway

One perk of installing a resin driveway is the low maintenance involved, however there are implements in place that will make the overall life of your driveway a lot longer if you are able to keep up with the care. As your driveway is one of the first things people see, it’s important to keep it prestige to give a good impression to onlookers- also a good driveway adds to the value of the house and is an important selling point.

With a resin bounded driveway heavy vehicles aren’t permitted to drive over the driveway, and heavy objects such as skips shouldn’t be dragged around over the driveway. This is due to it ruining the overall aesthetics of the driveway and could cause cracking. Also, spillages of strong chemical toxins should be avoided, and can damage the resin and ruin the aesthetics.

Realistically, resin really doesn’t need that much maintenance. It regularly needs brushing from leaves and debris, otherwise moss will grow throughout it due to cold damp conditions. To clean your driveway, you should use a cold-water pressure washing machine, this will remove all dirt from the surface. Ensure the water pressure isn’t too high as this could cause cracking in the driveway, and you must ensure its cold water as the water could damage the overall aesthetics of the driveway.

With most spillages, you can buy resolutions that are suitable for the resin driveways. If you put that on your driveway and get a brush in circular motions that should get rid of the spillage, but it’s important you try and sort the issue straight away instead of leaving it a few days.

It is important to get an effective resin bounded driveway installer to ensure the durability of the driveway. Here at LW Landscapes excels at paving in Wirral, with long lasting good quality driveways enabling you to be happy with your home, and a perfect view for onlookers passing by.

Which Decking Material Is Right For You?

Decking is a great way to add dimension your garden, and adds an extra feature perfect for your garden and enables you to have a social area where family and friends can sit and enjoy themselves in the summer. There are pros and cons to all decking materials, whether it’s hardwood, softwood or composite. Decking has a lot of planning involved and its important you pick the right material for you considering colour, durability, price etc.

Softwood Decking

Softwood has a faster growth rate and therefore is produced a lot quicker than Hardwood. Larch, Red Cedar and Spruce tree’s is mainly where softwood is produced from. Softwood is the cheapest form of decking therefore is  good value for money, however not necessarily the best quality of decking out there compared to others. Softwood is durable due to tightly packed wood fibres therefore is long lasting, so can be used for years. Softwood is the most popular decking material and therefore is very versatile and there are a variety of designs available, due to the way it’s smoothed and grooved. It is essential softwood is yearly maintained to re-stain and clean extra. If not stained properly the wood can turn to a grey colour and therefore doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing.

Composite Decking

Composite is an effective wood substitute, and mixes wood and plastic together- you can also purchase a wood free decking. Due to it being a manufactured there is a 10-year warranty there, and has a long-life span of over 25 years and beyond. Composite decking is child-friendly and due to the way it’s manufactured there is no maintenance such as painting, sanding etc- this however makes composite decking pricier than softwood decking. Depending on the style of your garden there is a range of different styles that your decking can come in, whether you are a younger couple and fancy a contemporary decking or you fancy a rustic decking for your children to play on in the summer.

Hardwood Decking

Hardwood is of a slower growth rate and therefore has a very strong durability, hardwood is grown from tree’s such as hickory, maple and oak. Hardwood is a lot more expensive than softwood- however has a more precise intricacy and is usually designed by highly skilled carpenters. The overall quality is impeccable and gives you the “wow” factor, therefore proves it is good value for money, therefore depends on the purpose of your decking. Hardwood must be yearly oiled, therefore involves some maintenance to keep on top of the top-quality decking.

There are lots of different factors to consider when installing a decking, however decking’s are a perfect feature especially in time for summer. LW Landscapes install incredible decking’s, taking all your considerations into account- we are able to help you pick the perfect material as well as providing the best decking in Wirral!

Ideas On How To Landscape A Big Garden

Landscaping a garden is in an important job and with a big garden it is important to landscape it properly to balance your garden sufficiently by using different paved surfaces, this can break the garden into sections and therefore can make use of the whole garden. To be blessed with a big garden it is important for it to look visual pleasing, also using colour makes the garden look vibrant to attract visitors to sit in your garden.

  • Using several different seating areas throughout your garden for different purposes is beneficial, such as relaxation and another for dining. This ensures you use all your garden space and you also have different areas for different purposes.
  • Consider a water feature flowing through your garden, if you have a problem already with drainage turn the problem to a solution with a massive water feature flowing through your garden. This is a massive focal point for visitors when seeing your garden, also the idea of running water is peaceful and adds an element of peacefulness to your garden when relaxing in the summer.
  • If your garden is a very flat landscape try and create different levels throughout your garden, this could be by using a decking to add variation and a bit of variety, or consider using different sized flowers some larger than others. It creates diversity throughout your garden and heightens the landscape.

It is important to focus on many different features before considering how you want your garden landscaping, there are many ways you can make the most of your outdoor space. LW Landscapes provide the best landscaping in Wirral and are able to create beautiful landscapes and work with you to create the perfect outdoor space for you.