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woman gardening ready for spring

11 Gardening Jobs For March

Spring has sprung, which is excellent news for gardeners the length and breadth of the country as it means that they can really start getting going with their growing plans for the year and enjoy seeing their outdoor spaces really come to life.

Now’s the time to really get the garden ready, so make sure that your seed beds are prepared, you’ve sown your seed and you’ve cut your winter shrubs back, as well as giving your garden a jolly good tidy so it’s easier to work in over the coming months.

If you have a greenhouse, you can get your crops off to an excellent start inside so they’re ready to move out into the garden at a later date. The likes of parsley, lettuce, celery and celeriac will all thank you for this! It’s also a good idea to take any insulation you’ve installed down once the temperatures start to climb so you can let more light flood the space.

For your flowers, be vigilant with picking off any seedheads you see coming through on your daffodils and spring bulbs, as well as finishing off pruning your roses early on in March. Cutting plants down to the base can also help promote new growth – so don’t be shy with the pruning shears!

Weeding should also take centre stage at the moment and you can give your borders a good tidy up by pulling out any weeds you find. The easiest way to go about this is by hand and a bit of effort now will help you keep on top of it as the year progresses.

And as for your fruit and veg, now’s the perfect time to sow the likes of tomatoes, peppers and chillis indoors – and you can even start planting your onion and shallot sets, as well as hardy veg like spinach, outside.


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