How To Maintain Your Resin Driveway

How To Maintain Your Resin Driveway

One perk of installing a resin driveway is the low maintenance involved, however there are implements in place that will make the overall life of your driveway a lot longer if you are able to keep up with the care. As your driveway is one of the first things people see, it’s important to keep it prestige to give a good impression to onlookers- also a good driveway adds to the value of the house and is an important selling point.

With a resin bounded driveway heavy vehicles aren’t permitted to drive over the driveway, and heavy objects such as skips shouldn’t be dragged around over the driveway. This is due to it ruining the overall aesthetics of the driveway and could cause cracking. Also, spillages of strong chemical toxins should be avoided, and can damage the resin and ruin the aesthetics.

Realistically, resin really doesn’t need that much maintenance. It regularly needs brushing from leaves and debris, otherwise moss will grow throughout it due to cold damp conditions. To clean your driveway, you should use a cold-water pressure washing machine, this will remove all dirt from the surface. Ensure the water pressure isn’t too high as this could cause cracking in the driveway, and you must ensure its cold water as the water could damage the overall aesthetics of the driveway.

With most spillages, you can buy resolutions that are suitable for the resin driveways. If you put that on your driveway and get a brush in circular motions that should get rid of the spillage, but it’s important you try and sort the issue straight away instead of leaving it a few days.

It is important to get an effective resin bounded driveway installer to ensure the durability of the driveway. Here at LW Landscapes excels at paving in Wirral, with long lasting good quality driveways enabling you to be happy with your home, and a perfect view for onlookers passing by.

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