How To Landscape For A Small Garden

How To Landscape For A Small Garden

When looking to re-vamp your garden it can be hard to realise how to get the landscaping right-which will ultimately let you make the most of the small space and also make it look contemporary and exciting. After all, you’re going to want to make sure that visitors can indulge themselves in your garden and it be a comfortable outdoor space. There are lots of suggestions in how to cater to your garden, and make it look summer ready, so we thought we’d run you through some of the basics.

Focus on creating small backyard zones

It is important to create lots of small backyard zones. By breaking up your garden into different sections it enables your garden to feel bigger. If you have a variety of different seating areas, and paths leading to each area it uses the space successfully and enables your garden to look bigger.

Use colour appropriately

A small use of bright colours is important, when first walking out into your garden there needs to be a few flowers that catch your eye straight away. If people are focusing on certain flowers then the rest of the garden will recede into the background, therefore meaning that your garden will appear bigger than it actually is.


Putting things into perspective enables you to trick people into thinking your garden is bigger than it is. The use of long, straight, thick lines will certainly make the garden appear bigger. Creating focal points, by slightly slanting lines at the end of your garden, can create a larger perspective.

Get plants that are vertical not horizontal

As your garden space is so precious, focus on buying plants that grow vertically rather than buying shrubs and bushes. By doing this you create more space for yourself, the garden can indulge in colour and greenery, however it doesn’t take up much room. Also try to get dwarf varieties for a small backyard, they take less room but look very effective.

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