Paving a Block Driveway in Wirral and Chester

Paving a Block Driveway in Wirral and Chester

Beautifully assembled block driveways and paving in Wirral and Chester has two of advantages.

Firstly,the value of your property goes higher as the entrance looks exquisite and secondly, you get adequate vehicle parking room for you and your guests.

Not just in homes, block driveways also provide good looking entrances to churches, corporate buildings and community centers.

So what are a few steps to follow when block paving a driveway:

1. Hire a contractor

Hiring a contractor is extremely important as they will know all the dos and don’ts of this job. There should be good understanding between you and the contractor to discuss which technique is better for your area considering your climate and usage.

2. Removing the previous layer

Before laying the sub base, the previous layer of concrete will have to be excavated and removed. In this case, a jackhammer may be required to excavate the layered concrete or heavy machinery such as a bulldozer might help speed up the process depending on how much of the area needs to be treated.

After excavation, removal of the previous layer is required so that no extra debris is present during the laying of the sub base and the leveling can be done according to proper drainage of the water.

3. Lay edging stones

Before you start laying the stones, you have to decide whether you will be using bricks as edging stones, or make a concrete edging that will define the space for the stones to be set. Both processes serve the same purpose of providing a path to be paved but can look different according to your own taste. A brick edging may look more beautiful but will be more expensive as compared to a concrete edge.

4. The Sub-Base

The sub-base is created from crushed stone or any other locally available substance that can be compressed and leveled to form a strong enough base for laying the blocks. For heavy use, the sub base should be 200mm thick but for lighter use, the base height may be shortened and in some cases, like a patio, the sub base may not be required.

5. Laying the blocks

A layer of sand will be laid over your sub base, to support the blocks to be placed on it. It is necessary to place them close together and press them up against each other. Both the sand and the bricks need to be laid carefully so that the bricks can be laid where the joints overlap. Once the bricks have been laid, fill the joints with silver sand and brush off the extra sand off the surface.

You are now ready to enjoy your newly paved stone driveway.

These steps may seem complicated for people who are laying a block driveway for the first time which is why for expert help with driveways and paving in Wirral and Chester, call 01244 490106 or email us at on

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