The Top Five Driveway Materials

The Top Five Driveway Materials

When paving your driveway there are several considerations that you need to take into account- people don’t believe it’s a big feature, however when looking at a house it’s one of the first things noticed. It is important to pick the most suitable material for you, as it will affect the whole aesthetics of your house. Also, depending on the material, you go for will affect the cost of the material, durability and the maintenance that you do on the driveway. Therefore, meaning you need to ensure you’ve picked the best material for you, and it will be durable.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is known as the true beauty of concrete, therefore suggesting that it will develop the overall aesthetics of your house. The idea of exposing the aggregate has been around since the early 1900s and is a very effective driveway method. Exposed aggregate is a durable material, that requires little maintenance, which only needs to be resealed every couple of years.


Concrete is a very popular material to use when paving a driveway, and is quite a versatile material that can create a variety of different looks for the front of your house. Concrete is known as a strong material, and is incredibly durable- however over time may crack causing you to have to relay the material. As concrete is versatile you can create many looks with it and create a look that’s unique to your house, and therefore aesthetically pleasing. Concrete is known as one of the more affordable materials.

Bluestone paving

Bluestone is a form of sandstone and is a material that is used to create a more elegant feel to your driveway. It can come in a variety of different forms therefore can be specific to your house and your driveway- enabling you to create intricate patterns. Bluestone can form with other materials therefore able to create a contemporary stylish driveway that’s suited to your needs.

Clay brick paving

Clay brick paving has been used for driveways for centuries now, clay brick is formed and set into a certain shape and then baked into a hot oven- like pottery. Clay brick are rich in colour, create authentic characteristics and set in different patterns and combinations. Due to the diversity of the paving it makes the driveway unique to you, you can create your own design. However, even though they are strong materials, the material can be chipped over time, with good maintenance and a good base enables the paving to last longer.


Timber is the eco-friendliest option. They create an exciting contemporary feel to your driveway and enable you to create new exciting designs for your driveway. Timber driveways can be cost effective, and environmentally sustainable. The surface of timber may be more suitable for rural environments rather than going for a concrete option.

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