Why You Should Build An Extension, Not Move

Why You Should Build An Extension, Not Move

People often have the debate over whether to extend their home or just move to a bigger house, however we believe there are many reasons why you should extend your house rather than just jumping ship completely.

People are always looking for extra room or to upgrade their property, due to extending their family or adding a study or conservatory. There are several reasons why people would want to move, but there are many disadvantages with moving rather than just extending your current house. From having to find a decent removal company, to sorting the mortgage and caring for your disoriented, stressed children; moving to a new house is a stressful time and that’s why we’re big believers in the benefits of building an extension.

Saves time

Getting an extension over moving to a new house saves months of time. Moving to a new house can take several months to sort paperwork and contracts, to sorting removal companies and then waiting for other owners to move out their house. An extension wouldn’t cause you as much stress, and means you wouldn’t have to disarrange your whole house to get it sorted, where you would if you were moving. Meaning that whilst your extension is being built, you can focus on your family or other commitments you already have.

Saves Money

Extensions are pricey, however there is certain equipment you can get your builders to use that is cheap and affordable, which reduces the cost of the overall price. Moving to a new house means you must pay the removal companies, estate agents and high deposits- all these payments can quickly drain up your bank account. Therefore, you need to think is moving to a new house worth paying the extra thousands, over extending the current property you love and are happy in?


Moving to a new house is always hard if you are comfortable where you are living, the amount of memories made in the house make it hard to depart and leave it all behind. Children develop a strong attachment to their surroundings and routine, and normally get stressed when moving to new locations. With an extension, you can have a luxury bigger home, but also have the surroundings you have grown very comfortable in.

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