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3 Garden Decking FAQs

Hard landscaping is an essential part of any successful garden design scheme and one of the most popular options for homeowners, no matter how much outdoor space they have to play around with, is garden decking.

This is an incredibly stylish and highly practical option – and it’s also incredibly versatile as well, with many different uses and applications, so you’re sure to be able to create the garden of your dreams.

But where to begin? To help get you started, here are some frequently asked questions about decking that should point you in the right direction.


How often does wooden decking need to be treated?

When wood is exposed to the elements, it can warp and rot, so it’s important to treat it regularly with oil or sealant so that it can handle whatever the weather has to throw at it. 

Typically, you should aim to treat your decking at least once a year but if you really want to be vigilant and protect your investment, treating it once in spring and again in summer will really help it survive over the years.


Can you use decking on sloping ground?

Just because your garden is sloped doesn’t mean you can’t have decking installed! You can easily design around slopes with the use of ground mounted posts and sub-frame rafts, but we can give you further advice on this if required.


Do you need planning permission for decking?

You shouldn’t need to have planning permission in place as long as your decking platform is no higher than 30cm above the ground and it covers an area smaller than 50 per cent of your entire garden space. However, you may need permission if the decking area is over 3m in height, if you own a listed building or if you live in a conservation area or national park.


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