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3 Of The Best Garden Plants For Pollinators

When it comes to sustaining global ecosystems and ensuring that we have all the natural resources we’re accustomed to, there’s nothing more important than pollinators… bees, butterflies, bats, beetles, birds and so on, all of which help make sure we have food on our plates each and every day.

All the earth’s flowering plants need these pollinators to help them produce the next generation of plants but, sadly, because of pollution, disease, climate change and a reduction in nesting and feeding habitats, many pollinator populations are now in decline.

But there’s a lot that the at-home gardener can do to help bees and other insects survive and thrive – and having the right kind of plants in your outdoor spaces is the best way to go about this.

Borage is one of the best plants you can choose for pollinators and it’s a beautiful addition to your garden, as well, looking stunning with star-shaped blue flowers. It’s also self-seeding so it’s a nice low maintenance option for novice gardeners – and the seeds, flowers and leaves are all edible, so you’ll get your kitchen garden off to a great start.

For a real showstopper outside, go for some dahlias, beautiful big blooms that will really bring your garden to life – and help those busy little insects, as well. Avoid the cactus and pom-pom varieties, however, as these have petals that are too close together, so pollinators struggle to get to the pollen.

And don’t forget to plant some lavender! Not only does this smell delicious to human noses, it’s also very alluring to insects, as well. Bees absolutely love it, so you’ll soon have lots of happy little friends buzzing about in your garden.


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