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3 Of The Best Gardening Apps

Gardening is a wonderful hobby to take up, one with all sorts of benefits associated with it – but it can be a little frustrating when what you plant and sow fails to flourish and grow. Don’t give up on your quest for green fingers if this is your experience right now, however… we’re living in the digital age and there’s sure to be an app for that!

There are all sorts of different gardening apps out there, so it’s just a matter of finding your favourites and seeing how they can help your plants, shrubs, flowers and trees thrive. Here are some of our favourite apps to try out today.


Garden Tags

This is a really useful app and you’ll love the community you find there, taking advantage of advice, tips and help with identifying plants. You can also keep a photo journal of your garden and set reminders for certain garden tasks. You can also use the app to identify flowers and plants – all you need to do is point it at the shrub in question and it will tell you what it is!


RHS Grow Your Own

If you want to start growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs, this RHS app could prove to be a particularly good choice. It’s free to use and will help you, no matter what skill level you have and no matter how much space and time you have available.



Knowing your soil type is key to helping you decide which plants to introduce to your garden at home and this app can tell you exactly what kind of soil you have, assessing depth, texture, temperature, pH, organic matter content and more.


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