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3 Top Garden Trends For 2023

While there’s not a huge amount of actual gardening that can be done at this time of year and relatively little opportunity to exercise your green fingers, the winter months are perfect for turning our thoughts to the year ahead and planning what we want to accomplish in our gardens in the future.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2023 and some exciting trends are even now starting to make their presence felt… so it’s simply a matter of doing a bit of research into what’s likely to come to the fore and seeing what tickles your proverbial pickle. Here are just some of the top trends you can expect to see over the coming 12 months. Happy gardening, folks!


Drought resistance

The heatwave that hit us all hard this year is expected to have an impact on gardening in 2023 and beyond, with interest in rainwater harvesting now starting to increase, as well as introducing more drought-resistant plants outside, enabling us to continue doing what we love without having a big impact on the environment and protecting precious water resources for future use.


Climate adaptation

Sort of along the same lines, gardeners are now having to adapt to climate change and shifts in weather patterns and seasons. It’s likely that next year will see an increase in gardeners altering how and when they sow, prune and harvest… otherwise you could well see your planting start to suffer in the face of more extreme weather and different conditions season by season.


Grecian influences

And moving away from climate doom and gloom for a second, if you’re looking to give your garden an aesthetic makeover, you may want to consider looking to Greece for some inspiration. 

Start bringing in the likes of natural stone, al fresco dining options, blue accents, whitewashing, terracotta, stunning arches with climbing plants… you could have a lot of fun designing your new garden! 

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