Driveway Maintenance Tips

3 Top Summer Driveway Maintenance Tips

As much as cold weather and freezing conditions can put pressure on your driveway and cause all sorts of issues, the summer months can also wreak havoc if you’re not careful, so it’s just as important to prioritise driveway maintenance at this time of the year as it is when the cold sets in.

We’ve just had a week or two of some beautiful hot weather and lots of lovely sunshine – and, since it’s only June, this is most likely a taste of things to come. And, with climate change expected to bring with it hotter, drier summers for the UK, making sure you protect your driveway materials during the summertime will become more important in the future.

Depending on what your driveway is made from, you may experience drying and splintering if dry, hot weather persists for a long time. Humidity levels can also have an impact, with moisture in the air leading to driveway warping, which may mean you need to look into resurfacing at some point.

Care and maintenance work will largely depend on what your driveway is made from and if you’ve gone for something like concrete, you might want to consider using a sealant of some kind to help protect it at this time of year, which can see materials expand when the mercury rises, leading to cracks and splits.

Being vigilant is also a must, as small cracks can quickly become seriously problematic if you don’t deal with them soon enough. If you see any splits that are at least half an inch in size, carry out repair work as soon as you can to prevent them from causing significant damage to your driveway.

And finally, make sure you clear up any pooling water that collects at this time of year. Although it does rain less in summer than in winter, of course, summer storms are something to be aware of as this can lead to problems with the driveway surface and subsurface. You can help make life easier by considering drainage systems at the point of installation.


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