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4 Christmas Presents For Gardeners

It’s four weeks, six days until Christmas – which is quite a terrifying thought, especially if you haven’t even started your festive shopping yet… or even started thinking about it! 

If you have a lot of gardening enthusiasts on your gift-giving list (or perhaps you want to spoil yourself this year), we’ve counted down some of the very best presents out there that would be perfect for anyone with serious green fingers. Enjoy!


Bumblebee hotel

As we all know, bees are a gardener’s best friend and one of the best pollinators out there, really helping our gardens to grow and flourish… but sadly their numbers are in serious decline because of habitat loss, pollution and pesticide use. 

But you can encourage them in your garden with this really fun little bumblebee hotel – really making them feel welcome and well looked after!



Throw it and grow it! Seedbombs make a great gift for anyone who loves flowers and plants, particularly those who are especially keen to help support insect population numbers. These clever little products look like hand grenades and are made out of starch and natural fibre-based paper foam shell.

They contain organic peat-free compost and non-GMO seeds – and all you have to do is find some bare ground with no weeds and then keep the shell damp to help the seedlings grow.



Coffee table books make wonderful presents and Gardentopia would be a brilliant choice for anyone with a keen interest in gardening and who’s considering having their outside spaces revamped in the near future.

It features more than 130 stunningly illustrated landscape design and planting suggestions, as well as tips for enhancing your spaces, no matter how big or small they are.


The gardener’s tool seat

Gardening can be back-breaking work so it’s important to take rests where you can, as well as having everything you need close to hand for ease of use – and this tool seat would be particularly good for fixing all these issues.

It’s essentially a folding chair with a tool bag, which can be easily detached from the frame and comes with two carrying handles, as well as 21 pockets for different tools and a catch-all interior.


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