4 Garden Plants That Are Hard To Kill

Even the most green-fingered among us can run into trouble with our planting from time to time and there’s nothing worse than watching a beautiful shrub, tree or flower give up the ghost and die after we’ve tended to it for so long. Sometimes, the gods just aren’t with us!

But you can help reduce the chances of your plants withering on your hands by picking ones that are hard to kill. By interspersing these throughout your garden, you’ll be able to enjoy some quick wins while looking after the plants that are perhaps not quite so hardy. 

To help you get started, here are some plants that will do well for themselves, even if you are a bit inconsistent with your watering, pruning and feeding.



An English classic! Primroses are surprisingly hardy and they’re a wonderful addition to any garden, thriving in sun or shade… absolutely perfect for anyone keen to have a garden that basically looks after itself.


Ajuga reptans

Ajuga are wonderfully blue perennials that will form a carpet of stunning leaves around your shrubs and trees. They cover the ground so well that they’ll smother the weeds, which will make your gardening jobs even easier to complete.


Russian sage

Russian sage is really easy to grow but it will really flourish in well-drained soil with poor to moderate fertility. It will also do well in dry chalky soil and coastal areas, although it’s important not to plant it in a shaded part of the garden. This plant is most definitely a sun worshipper!


Feather reed grass

For something super low maintenance, you’ve got to bring in some ornamental grasses. These plants basically just look after themselves! Feather reed grass does well in wet and dry soils, without the need of fertiliser and they’re an excellent option for adding a little height to your garden, since they can grow to six foot or thereabouts.

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