4 Material Options For Paving At Home

A key part of any successful landscaping design is the paving, as you need to be able to walk around your garden with ease, without trampling all over your prized plants or destroying the lawn as you go.

And you really are spoiled for choice when it comes to the different materials you have available for paving these days, so it’s simply a matter of sitting down and thinking about what kind of overall aesthetic you’re looking for where your outdoor spaces are concerned, as well as how you plan to use your garden, to help you decide which materials would be best suited to what you have in mind.

Natural stone will always be a really popular choice for homeowners keen to spruce up their gardens, since it’s a very hard-wearing and durable option, so represents a really solid investment. The slabs are less prone to breaking or cracking when being handled and they do well in colder weather as well, so depending where you live this could be a great choice.

Another really resilient material is granite, so if you know you need to have paving in high traffic areas of the garden, this could well be the best option for you. Those of you working to a tight budget, meanwhile, may find that concrete is the way to go, as this can be made to look and feel just like natural stone – but at a fraction of the cost.

Or what about sandstone? If you’re going for a traditional look and feel, and want to really encapsulate that country cottage aesthetic, sandstone lends a truly rustic feel to garden design and you’re sure to love how it looks once it’s been installed.

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