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4 Trees For Stunning Autumn Leaves

Autumn is undeniably one of the most magical times of year and there really is nothing quite like watching the leaves turn all those beautiful shades of reds, oranges and yellows.

If, like us, autumn is one of your favourite seasons as well, you might want to think about how you could really embrace it in your gardens at home. 

We thought we’d lend a helping hand and count down some of the best trees to plant outside if you love nothing more than the splashes of colour you see here, there and everywhere at this time of year. Enjoy!


Japanese maple

Of course, you can’t put a list like this together without including the Japanese maple tree, or Acer palmatum. These trees are hugely popular and it’s not hard to see why, with their stunning array of colours really shining during autumn.


Maidenhair tree

Also known as Ginkgo biloba, this ancient tree is native to China and you’re sure to love watching its wonderfully shaped leaves turn glorious shades of gold and yellow. It does prefer to be planted where there’s lots of space, but it can work well in more urban environments as well.


Common beech

Really looking to make a colour splash? Beech trees are an excellent option to consider! One of the very best for seasonal colour, these trees go bronze and copper between now and winter – and it works very well as a hedge if you’ve not got space for an actual tree.



Another great tree to have in your garden, dogwood foliage turns amazing colours in the autumn and you’ll see the stems glow gorgeous red in winter, so it’s ideal for bringing your spaces to life towards the end of the year.


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