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5 Of The Worst Plants For Hayfever

Spending time out in the garden or exploring the countryside is always a wonderful way to spend your time – unless you suffer from hayfever, that is!

Hayfever can make life pretty miserable, especially if you’re an avid gardener and love nothing more than tending to your plants, shrubs and flowers. Of course, there’s medication you can take that can get your symptoms under control, but what about planting your garden up with your allergies in mind? 

This could introduce you to a whole new raft of plants you might not have considered otherwise and ensure you can continue to enjoy your outside spaces without the risk of sneezing, wheezing and itchy eyes.

The most common allergen at the start of summer is grass pollen, while you’re more likely to see high levels of weed pollen mid-summer onwards… so keeping up with the weeding could prove particularly beneficial and not just from a plant health perspective!

In terms of flowering plants at this time of year, look out for daisies and other members of the Asteraceae family, as they have very fine pollen that can really cause you problems.

The likes of sunflowers, dahlias, chrysanthemums and asters can also be big hayfever drivers, so if you have these in abundance outside it might be why you’re suffering right now.

If you’re wondering what to plant instead, the good news is that you have countless options! Geraniums are a great choice and there are lots of different varieties so you’re sure to find some that are right for your garden, while begonias could help bring your garden to life summer by summer, without making you sneeze.

There is growing evidence that warmer temperatures and higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere as a result of climate change are now affecting flowering seasons around the world, with pollen seasons and the amount of pollen in the air both increasing in various regions… so taking action in the garden now could help you ensure you stay sneeze-free in the future.


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