7 Gardening Jobs For October

A new month is just a few short days away, so now’s the time to start thinking about what jobs you’ll need to do throughout October to ensure that your garden continues to stay in good health, ready to navigate its way through winter successfully.

If you have a greenhouse, give it a thorough clean now to get rid of any debris that could harbour any pests, which may affect your crops over the winter. 

Clean the glass properly, as well, so as much winter sun as possible can reach your plants over the next few months. And if you have any tropical plants, bring them into the house to keep them alive and doing well.

Keep your outdoor areas clean and tidy, raking up any fallen leaves and storing them in bin bags so you can use them as leaf mould in the future, an amazing soil conditioner that your garden will really thank you for.

Don’t forget about your lawn at this time of year, either, and you can give it some autumn lawn feed that will breathe new life into the grass after the drier summer months.

You can also do some planting in October if you want early crops in 2021. What about sowing some peas and broad beans over the next few weeks, or even planting some garlic cloves in a sunny part of the garden. 

You also still have time to plant your containers with spring-flowering bulbs, but make sure you put your pots in a sheltered spot to help prevent rot.

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