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8 Garden Maintenance Tips For Autumn

The weather has certainly cooled over the last few days and, although we may yet still see a little bit more of summer, there can be no denying that autumn is just around the corner – which means that now’s the perfect time to do a few maintenance tasks around the garden before the wind and rain really start to set in.

Start off by reviewing your hard landscaping areas at home, as your drives, paths and patios can become incredibly slippery and treacherous if you don’t give them a bit of love and attention at this time of year.

Make sure you clear autumn leaves up regularly and clean the surfaces properly so they don’t pose a health and safety risk. The pressure washer really comes into its own right now! And don’t forget to repoint your patio if you’re seeing lots of weeds, checking for uneven and dangerous slabs as you go.

You can easily reduce the amount of autumn leaves dropping down by giving hedges and trees a good trim over the next few weeks. This will also make maintenance work in spring easier and prevent overgrowing, so your trees, hedges and shrubs will be a lot healthier, as well.

As for the lawn, give it a good cut before it starts to get really cold and wet, trimming back the edges and keeping your weeds in check. Clear any fallen leaves that land on the grass as and when you find them.

You can also help make sure your garden grows beautifully come spring by planting the likes of tulips and daffodils between now and November. Your outdoor spaces will be blooming in 2021!

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