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8 Storm Survival Tips For Gardeners

As we are all acutely aware, the UK has spent the last few days or so being battered about by not one, not two but three storms, with intense rainfall and gale-force winds seen here, there and everywhere.

As exciting as stormy weather can be, it can wreak real havoc on our gardens if we’re not careful… and, before you know it, you could see all your hard work literally being washed down the drain.

Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to protect your garden from the elements and ensure that the damage to your plants, trees, lawn and outdoor structures is as limited as possible.

First of all, keep an eye on the weather reports so you know what’s coming and can take preventative action well before the storm clouds appear overhead.

Tidying up the garden and putting loose items away is a good first step to take – and make sure you look out for any fallen branches, so that there is little debris that can be blown about.

Check your trees and shrubs over and remove any broken branches, as well as covering any exposed roots to protect them from potential damage in high winds.

Where your flowers are concerned, if you have any top-heavy plants give them a good prune, even if it’s not pruning season. This will help prevent them from being uprooted.

As for your lawn, improving its water drainage can prove very beneficial, so make sure that you have robust drainage channels to help direct water through the soil without pooling.

If your lawn becomes waterlogged, you can aerate it using a garden fork or by wearing aerator shoes, which will improve drainage and add air into the soil to improve the conditions for the grass roots.


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