Mission Statement

By innovating your physical surroundings, L W Landscapes, landscape construction business, provides property owners with added value by creating high-impact, quality environments to enhance their image and ultimately sell more to their customers.


Vision Statement

L W Landscape is a leading, professional landscape contractor working with visionary, construction-focused Leaders to enhance the intrinsic value of their property investment to realise the maximum profitable return on their portfolio. Loyalty, Integrity and Quality are the core values which form the foundation of relationships with our successful clients, while innovating solutions through an appropriate response and conscientious approach provides added integral value.


Culture Statement:

We subscribe to the following values within our organisation:

Quality – The Quality of our Work is how we wish to be measures.

Integrity – We Serve our Clients, Colleagues, Suppliers and our Peers by dealing with them Honestly; by doing so they will deal with us Honestly in return.

Communication – We Communicate with others in the way we wish to be communicated with. Our first approach is always to speak to people and then confirm our conversations by e-mail, should it be necessary.

Success – Our focus is to help others succeed by doing so this will grow our own personal success.

Vision – We take a Long Term view of our business; this is a reflection of ourselves, and the way we look at every project.

Profit – Profit gives our business sustainability. To achieve Profitability we deliver Products and Service of Value to our Clients which also enables our Suppliers and Team to become Profitable.

Value – We deliver Value to our Clients at all times Helping them to Understand their Businesses and Processes better.

Professional – We act at all times with highest levels of Integrity and Courtesy to our Clients, Colleagues, Team Members and Suppliers.

Conscientious – Our role is to be Committed to Delivering the Needs of Clients, by Offering them Innovative Solutions to effectively Optimise the Quality of their Projects.

Responsive – All our team are Responsive to the Needs of our Clients and Colleagues. We Understand that Responsiveness is the Key Ingredient to Delivering Great Customer Service.

Consistency – The Regular Dependability of our Products and Service gives our Clients and Suppliers Confidence that no matter what the Challenge or Pressure we will Deliver a Consistent Service