BBQ Recipes For Summer Garden Parties

It doesn’t matter if you’re one for chargrilling your own homegrown veg on the grill, or you’re going full carnivore with flame-grilled steak, us Brits are proud of our BBQ gatherings. No, we can’t count on the sunny weather here up north, but we can create the perfect gardens, decking and patios here in Wirral and Chester to set the scene for the ultimate BBQ party.

And while the UK lockdown is starting to lift, more and more of us are choosing to staycation this summer, and make the most of our outdoor living spaces—which we’re now allowed to invite our friends and family to. So this is the time to master a couple of awesome BBQ recipes that’ll really impress your guests.

If you’re looking for inspiration, The Guardian recently published a piece on barbecue recipes from around the world, covering everything from sizzling shashlik to spicy seekh kebabs. Real Homes put out a piece on awesome veggie burgers. And Stylist got all sophisticated with a pulled pork and Florida grapefruit salsa and rice.

So forget burnt-to-a-cinder sausages and disappointing burgers—this is the summer to get creative with your culinary creations.

But don’t forget to get the garden in order, too. It’s time to mow the lawn, clean up the decking or jet wash the patio, string up some festoon lights and set up a homemade bar. No, we can’t count on the blue skies and scorching hot sunshine, but once everyone’s had a few drinks they’ll be much less likely to notice the grey skies…

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