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Which Decking Material Is Right For You?

Decking is a great way to add dimension your garden, and adds an extra feature perfect for your garden and enables you to have a social area where family and friends can sit and enjoy themselves in the summer. There are pros and cons to all decking materials, whether it’s hardwood, softwood or composite. Decking has a lot of planning involved and its important you pick the right material for you considering colour, durability, price etc. Softwood Decking Softwood has a faster growth rate and therefore is produced a lot quicker than Hardwood. Larch, Red Cedar and Spruce tree’s is…

Ideas On How To Landscape A Big Garden

Landscaping a garden is in an important job and with a big garden it is important to landscape it properly to balance your garden sufficiently by using different paved surfaces, this can break the garden into sections and therefore can make use of the whole garden. To be blessed with a big garden it is important for it to look visual pleasing, also using colour makes the garden look vibrant to attract visitors to sit in your garden. Using several different seating areas throughout your garden for different purposes is beneficial, such as relaxation and another for dining. This ensures…

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