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Fire Pits - patio

Can Fire Pits Be Installed In Patio Paving?

When you invest a lot of money into your soft and hard landscaping schemes, you naturally want to enjoy them as much as possible. However, it can be a little chilly to spend time outside once the sun’s gone down, so if you’re keen to find a solution to your nighttime al fresco dining woes, then a fire pit could well be a truly excellent investment indeed.

There are all sorts of benefits to be wrought with this kind of installation, everything from providing you with much-needed warmth after dark and bringing your garden to life with a beautifully golden glow to extending your living space, making your garden useable all year round, to providing you mindfulness and relaxation opportunities and many more… not to mention the fact that you can toast marshmallows at the drop of hat!

One question that we’re often asked here at LW Landscapes is whether a fire pit can be installed on a patio… and you’ll be pleased to hear that the answer is, of course, yes you can!

It’s easier to include this feature at the start of a patio installation project, as it means that you can select your paving materials to suit, making sure that they’re both porous and fire-resistant. 

However, if you’ve decided you want a fire pit after having your patio installed, you can consider investing in a portable one, which can help prevent damage and discolouration of your patio stones.

Another option if you have an existing patio is to remove some of the pavers and dig down into the ground a little so that there are no pavers directly beneath the pit.

But one of the best ways to ensure cohesion of design and to ensure that you love the end result is to incorporate your fire pit ideas into the initial planning stages for your new patio. If you need any further help or advice, get in touch with us today.