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Can You Grow A Tropical Garden In The UK?

When you think of the quintessential English garden, your thoughts are sure to turn immediately to the likes of roses, hydrangeas, hollyhocks, lavender, foxgloves, peonies and the like. 

These are often seen contrasting with decorative topiary, water features and formal hedges, but that doesn’t mean the look is for everyone… and perhaps you’re keen to think outside the box a little when it comes to your own garden!

In fact, it may well be the case that we all need to start evolving where our gardening preferences are concerned in the face of climate change and rising global temperatures, which may make it harder for some traditional English flowers to grow in some parts of the country.

As such, what about seeing if you’re able to grow something on the more tropical side, investing in species that not only look stunning but which are perhaps more resilient to drought conditions (which are likely to become a more common occurrence as time goes on).

Tropical gardens are generally lush, verdant and full of vibrant colour, so bear this in mind when picking out your plants. It can also be useful to think about layering from the ground up to replicate a similar jungle canopy effect at home.

For an immediate jungle look and feel, bring in the likes of banana plants and hardy palms. You may find that you need to do a bit of hard graft during the winter to keep them happy and healthy, but it will be worth the effort come spring and summer, when your jungle really starts to bloom.

You’ll also need to bring in a big splash of colour, so look out for the likes of daylilies, jasmine, begonias and erysimum to create a beautifully bright garden you’ll enjoy for years to come.


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