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Turfing in Chester

Augment the aesthetic beauty of the landscape with turfing in Chester

More or less everyone has a dream to live in such a place which is refreshing as well as has a fascinating appearance. The landscape can be considered as an integral part of a property and the whole aesthetic look of the property is quietly dependent on the beauty of the landscape. And, the presence of a well-designed lawn is mandatory for enhancing the beauty of the landscape. Hence, dwellers in Chester are much interested in availing the turfing service for adding beauty to the lawn area. Therefore, the demand for the service of turfing in Chester has reached an immense level.

However, have you ever plan to make an investment in this service? If yes, then some factors you need to keep in your mind while plunging into the decision of buying the turf. These factors have been compiled here. Move on to the next paragraphs for exploring them.

Some factors you need to keep in your mind while buying the turf

Turf is nothing but a surface layer that has dense grass growth and matted roots. It is basically used to repair the patches of the landscapes that have been damaged. It can also be used for improving the aesthetic of the lawn.

While making a purchase of this item you need to concentrate on its quality. And, for acquiring the quality product it is necessary to make the purchase of the product from a well-renowned supplier. In the case of turf, you can contact us for achieving the best quality item. We provide the best quality turfing service besides the service of the garden designing, fencing and paving in Wirral.

Next matter you need to pay attention while buying the turf is the type of the item. Several types of grasses are used to serve as turf. Among them, you have to choose that turf which suits your landscaping need as well as your choice. These are not enough. For proper turfing, you need to follow some steps too. These steps are given in the next paragraph.

Steps need to be followed for proper turfing in Chester

For turfing in Chester, it is necessary to consider the weather condition first. It is suggested to lay turf in moderate temperature. Hence, early spring or autumn can be considered as the best season for this purpose.

The soil of that area where you are going to roll on the turf must be prepared and the area should be outlined. For outlining, you can use garden spring and spikes.

It will be fine if the turf is overlapped and half inch overlapping is bearable. And, it will also be better if you don’t walk on the land where the turf is added newly. And, for attaining the best result, the application of pre-turfing fertilizer is mandatory. We are providing this service too along with the quality turf pieces. Know more about us by going through the remaining part.

Contact us for turfing in Chester

We, ‘LW Landscapes’ are committed to providing the best quality turf to our clients. If you are interested to make an investment in turfing in Chester get in touch with us for acquiring the quality items. If you want to know more about our services feel free to contact us.

Garden Design for Enhancing The Exterior Aesthetic in Chester

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.”

The flower is a sign of beauty and happiness and the garden is the breathing home of a flower. The people of Chester are eager enough for uplifting the aesthetic appeal of the home’s exterior. A well-designed garden place enables to increase the energy and enthusiasm of an individual. A garden is an indication of life with its blossoming flowers and nature. Therefore, the garden design in Chester is rapidly becoming popular. Let us share with you some good reasons for its increasing importance.

Why people are so eager about garden design in Chester?

A beautiful garden delivers a heavenly feeling to an individual. You can connect with your inner truth while enjoying the serene beauty of the beautiful garden. It brings a fresh air to breathe and refreshes you from within. For enjoying the beneficial results of a garden, individuals become so much enthusiastic about designing a garden. Some beneficial results are given below:

  • Garden is the depiction of the nature in a compact space that relaxes your mind and body. It is helpful to reduce stress and depression. A beautiful garden can implore happiness for an individual.
  • Merely looking at a plant in the garden can bring some good changes in blood pressure, muscle tension, heart activity and brain electrical activity.
  • Garden has a beneficial impact on the environment. They are air cleanser and highly effective for absorbing carbon dioxide and other pollutants.
  • It is an investment for your home. It is able to increase the exterior curb appeal of a house. Simultaneously, it also increases the value of your property.

The thought of designing garden design in Chester may appear simple, but it’s not the fact. For enjoying these benefits you would need a professional to do the work properly.

Gardening & Landscaping in Chester

Why are professionals needed to design your garden?

  • Professionalism is the secret of compelling a perfect work. Professionals are needed for designing a garden for some crucial reasons. Some of these are highlighted here:
  • Sometimes an individual shift to a new home and have a short time to decorate it properly. In that case, they need a professional garden designer to do the work in a short time with efficiency.
  • It may happen that you might have lots of ideas regarding the garden. But, you are not well-versed in the way of execution. An expert will be able to help you in that scenario.
  • Sometimes an individual can’t understand where to start the process of gardening and how to proceed. Professional garden designers are able to solve the problem.

Visit only the best for attaining perfection of work

If you are interested in garden design in Chester contact us now. We would be the best choice for you. We, L W Landscapes have served our best to all our customers and enriched ourselves with the satisfaction of them. Our professionals are dedicated to providing the best look for your garden in the budget. You won’t regret your decision!

Building Service – The Best Thing You Can Do with Your House!

People love to live up to date and to maintain the harmony with the today’s world they prefer to update all the old things like gadgets, cars, smartphones and even the home. To live in the same place for a long time often seems boring or we all know that everything loses its natural appeal and elegance after a long time and your house is no different. But, the good things is that you can do something for your house that it would bring back the elegant looks of it. With the help of renovation service, you can make the needed changes in the house so that it becomes even more convenient for living with your family.

Perhaps, this is one reason why wise people prefer opting for a building service in Wirral. Actually, home is just not a building, it is an investment of your life and it is world of happiness for your family. So, you would obviously want to keep it as much beautiful as you can. With the help of classy and professional building service, you can get rid of the natural damages in the house. People find this service so much benefit that just by calling a single contractor they get a lot of services like extensions, renovations, basement conversions, drains and drainage systems, chimney stack removals and knock through/structural alterations.

Building Services Provider UK

Building service – is it the best option for your house?

Spending some amount for the maintenance and repair work of your house is wise from all angles if you are considering a long run. In order to protect the huge investment that you have made on the house, you must invest for servicing of it on a regular interval.

If you are living in a place for long and want to enhance the appeal and functionality of your home then hire the best building service provider because the complete renovation and new stuff installation will be done by the provider with great care and efficiency. When the family becomes big or your children demand their personal place in the house to study or spent some free time without any disturbance then do some extension service to your home and give your children their requiring space. Except for this, after a long and continuous use, you will notice that your kitchen and bathroom are requiring some renovations. Actually, both these places are the most used places in the home and as a result, those lost the effectiveness or the functionality fast than other places.

The day starts in the kitchen and all the food maker of the home knows the hurries in the morning. Most of the family members set off for their destination in the morning and in that little time providing each member their proper breakfast or packing their meal is not an easy task. And in this hurries, if the kitchen does not cooperate then the dilemma goes too far. But you can solve all these interruptions and can make your kitchen work-friendly with the building services in Wirral. After the renovation service, you will experience the smoothness to work in your kitchen. Apart from the kitchen, bathroom also requires renovation and extension services like installing new bathtubs, repairing old water systems and proper drainage system. All these needs can be fulfilled with one building service provider.

Get the best building service done at your property

To get the best building services like installing new walls, maximizing the space of the home or adding some new styles to your property, all these tasks get better perfection in the hands of someone experienced and professional. And L W Landscapes is just perfect for this job because we have a long working experience and the team of skilled experts. If you hire any inexperienced then you are calling the chances of damage and wastage, on the contrary to this, we can accomplish any of your needs with great expertise and skills. Adding to that, you can also expect the best pricing for the servicing job from us that you would not find from anyone else in the locality. With us, you will not face any kind of dilemma and we are associated with all type of building services in Wirral experts and they are committed to help you receive the best outcome out of your investment.

Paving a Block Driveway in Wirral and Chester

Beautifully assembled block driveways and paving in Wirral and Chester has two of advantages.

Firstly,the value of your property goes higher as the entrance looks exquisite and secondly, you get adequate vehicle parking room for you and your guests.

Not just in homes, block driveways also provide good looking entrances to churches, corporate buildings and community centers.

So what are a few steps to follow when block paving a driveway:

1. Hire a contractor

Hiring a contractor is extremely important as they will know all the dos and don’ts of this job. There should be good understanding between you and the contractor to discuss which technique is better for your area considering your climate and usage.

2. Removing the previous layer

Before laying the sub base, the previous layer of concrete will have to be excavated and removed. In this case, a jackhammer may be required to excavate the layered concrete or heavy machinery such as a bulldozer might help speed up the process depending on how much of the area needs to be treated.

After excavation, removal of the previous layer is required so that no extra debris is present during the laying of the sub base and the leveling can be done according to proper drainage of the water.

3. Lay edging stones

Before you start laying the stones, you have to decide whether you will be using bricks as edging stones, or make a concrete edging that will define the space for the stones to be set. Both processes serve the same purpose of providing a path to be paved but can look different according to your own taste. A brick edging may look more beautiful but will be more expensive as compared to a concrete edge.

4. The Sub-Base

The sub-base is created from crushed stone or any other locally available substance that can be compressed and leveled to form a strong enough base for laying the blocks. For heavy use, the sub base should be 200mm thick but for lighter use, the base height may be shortened and in some cases, like a patio, the sub base may not be required.

5. Laying the blocks

A layer of sand will be laid over your sub base, to support the blocks to be placed on it. It is necessary to place them close together and press them up against each other. Both the sand and the bricks need to be laid carefully so that the bricks can be laid where the joints overlap. Once the bricks have been laid, fill the joints with silver sand and brush off the extra sand off the surface.

You are now ready to enjoy your newly paved stone driveway.

These steps may seem complicated for people who are laying a block driveway for the first time which is why for expert help with driveways and paving in Wirral and Chester, call 01244 490106 or email us at on

Rejuvenate Your Patio and Gazebo with Natural Indian Paving

Projects that Live on Your Choice

At LW Landscapes, we specialize in taking your Natural Indian Paving project as our own to make sure that we pour maximum dedication and professional expertise in it. We take only one project at a time to ensure skilful compilation. If you want your Natural Indian Paving project to be completed under your supervision, we will customize the schedules according to your availability.

Even if you are not available on site, we will establish a strong communication link to keep you updated on regular basis.

Originally Resourced Intricate Designs

Do you want a vibrantly floored patio? Do you want your Gazebo to look nothing less than Taj Mahal, the Seventh Wonder of the World in India? Then LW Landscapes is at your service in Wirral and Chester.

We offer intricate Natural Indian Paving designs, originally sourced and CE approved.

Highly Customizable Landscaping Models

Choose from our customized landscaping models or suggest us your idea. Our qualified engineers serve to perfection by blending in modern textures and appealing cuts of Natural Indian sandstones with unparalleled landscaping designs. If you are living in Wirral or Chester and have already cultivated an appealing garden with blossoming flowers then unprofessional Natural Indian Paving may penetrate the growth of plants. At LW Landscapes, we also offer turfing services, which is why we are equipped with technical expertise of installing pavements without hurting a single root of grass or plant. This level of expertise in Natural Indian Paving is tough to find anywhere else in Wirral and Chester.

Professional Advisory Services

Our team of experts goes extra miles to help our valuable customers. We are at your service even if you want DIY instalment or maintenance of Natural Indian Paving. Our experts will guide you from first to the last step to make sure that your project is a substantial transformation of your dream garden. Our consultancy services are equally compatible for brand new landscaping and ongoing projects.


We also offer maintenance services including seasonal cleaning and preservation of Natural Indian Paving in your patio, gazebo and garden. LW Landscapes offer highly customizable designs perceived according to your budget and preferences.

Feel free to get in touch with us by filling out a brief form or calling at 01244 490106.

Guide to Turfing in Wirral and Chester – Best Turf

Turfing becomes easier if it is done in the right weather. It is simpler to lay turf on soil which is moist and warm. This is the reason why autumn season is the best time to prepare your garden. During this time of the year, the turf has been watered by the winter rain. Spring can also be a good time to lay the garden turf, if you reside in Wirral and Chester and have access to frequent watering through artificial means.

Selecting the best Turf for your Garden

It is better to order your turf from a supplier who has an established name in the market. We can help you with that, regardless of whether you are in Wirral or Chester. The ideal turf will cover about one square meter of your garden area. If you are from a region that is marked as a low rainfall zone, then it is better to use drought tolerant grass for your garden.

On the whole, you have a range of options to choose from, while selecting the best suited turf for your garden. Ideally, it is better to choose turf which has been raised directly from the seed, as it will be higher in quality. When your ordered patch of lawn arrives, it is better to first lay it under a shade.

Sprinkle it with water, if you feel it is dry. The best option would be to lay the piece within 24 hours after it is delivered to your door step. In case you are planning to delay the process, then the rolls must be sprinkled with water when opened.

  • Before the turf is laid, the area should be levelled first. It is better to remove all the big stones to even out the surface. Ensure that the soil is firm. If not, it should be made firm by the help of a tool or by simply walking on it.
  • Once the soil is ready, the turf should be laid. The joints of the pieces must slightly overlap one another.
  • Do not walk on the freshly laid turf; use a wood plank when needed, if the surface area is huge.
  • For a neater look, the edges of the turf should be removed with the help of a knife or a spade.
  • Turfs should be fitted onto the soil with the help of the back of the rake.
  • Meanwhile, water it regularly.
  • The lawn can be mowed once the grass is 4-5 cm high.
  • Lift the corners of the turfs, if you want to check whether the new roots have started to develop yet or not.
  • Ensure that these new roots are firmly embedded into the soil, because until then, they should be watered daily.


For getting the best results, the application of a pre-turfing fertiliser could be an effective step. You may place an order for it from us along with the turf pieces.

For further details on turfing in Wirral and Chester, call 01244 490106 or email us on

5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Block Paved Driveway

The first sight your guests are presented with is the front of your house. This includes the driveway. We all understand the importance of good first impressions; therefore, if you have decided to take up the task of re-constructing your driveway, we are presenting you with 5 easy steps to create the perfect block paved driveways.

Step 1: Plan and Prepare
It is always best to start with a detailed plan in mind before you go and begin excavating your driveway. There are a number of things you will need to consider. These include:

  • A Design: A detailed layout based on your customized requirement.
  • Blocks: What types of blocks do you intend to use?
  • The Colour: Are you aiming for a pattern, or simply want something to match your house’s colour?
  • Once decided, ask yourself if you want to replace or extend your existing driveway.

Step 2: Excavate

Using a mini excavator, the existing driveway must be dug up. Start by marking the area that needs to be dug up. Once sure, start excavating to the desired depth, which should ideally be 150mm below the proposed finishing level. Next, the excavated area must be scrutinized for its level of inclination. If the area appears to be flat, it could very well retain water instead of dispersing it. When constructing an inclined plane using bricks, it should be at 1:80 fall along the length and 1:40 fall across the width of the driveway.

Step 3: Edge Restraints

For the perfect cement mixture, mix 1 part cement with 6 parts of ballast for the 100mm thick edge restraint. Using a spirit level and a string line, make sure that the edge restraint unit will ideally sit at the desired finishing level. Next, using a trowel, concrete and a rubber mallet, mortar the edge restraint unit to form a haunch which is at least ½ of the block height.

Step 4: The Sub-base

When laying the sub-base for the block paved driveways, use MOT Type 1 Roadstone or Type 1 crushed concrete to fill the edge restraints and scrape in layers to a desired level of 50mm. Using a vibrating plate, ensure that it is well levelled. The vibrating plate must be passed over at least 7 times to ensure detailed compaction of the area. After compaction, the Roadstone must be at least 150mm thick.
Next, using the vibrating plate, layer the surface with slightly sharp and damp sand to a depth of 40mm, ensure maximum compaction, and ensure that the area is properly levelled as per the design. For this purpose, string lines, straight edges and screeding rails should be used.

Step 5: Installation and Finishing Touches

It is advised to always start from a straight edge or a right angle, ensuring that they sit at least 5mm above the desired finishing level. If you are using different coloured blocks, pick them one at a time from the packs to minimize colour patching.
Next, you will be required to cut off some blocks to fill the end space in the area. This can easily be done using a diamond disc cutter or a block splitter. Before you do this, go through the manual for cutting blocks. Look for proper instructions, equipments and the accurate level of exposure to make sure it is done properly.
As for the finishing touches, using a yard broom and kiln sand, brush the newly block paved driveway to ensure that the joints in between the blocks are thoroughly compacted and are at an envisioned finished level. Layer another kiln to re-compact any joints that may be in need of a filling.

If you find these steps difficult, you can always call for professional help. Get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01244 490106, or leaving an email at Landscapes will get the job done for you.

Creating the perfect garden

Your garden has a big impact on your lifestyle. A beautiful, well-designed garden can provide the perfect setting for outdoor activities with your kids, family gatherings and friends, for the perfect BBQ. Whether you prefer a garden that’s designed for entertaining or just relaxing with a good book, you can create the perfect environment where you’ll love spending your time year-round.

With some creative planning and the help of a Lw Landscapes, you can create your dream garden. Whether your garden is small or large, it needs to have both functional and aesthetic appeal. To create that, your garden needs to have proper height and depth, hard and soft surfaces and interesting textures and colors.
Make a Grand Entrance

First impressions count, so it’s important to pay special attention to your gardens entry. If your entryway consists of a rusty, old iron gate that’s off it’s hinges or a wooden door that needs new paint, the first impression of your garden may be less than great. If your guests have to walk through wet grass or down a muddy path to reach your garden, they’re likely to be unimpressed with your garden design.

To make a grand entrance, consider building a beautiful rose-encrusted arbor or trellis covered in scented climbing vines like honeysuckle or jasmine. Creating a lovely pathway into the garden with concrete pavers, flagstone pieces or wooden stepping stones. Line the pathway with soft foliage or colorful flowers.

Line the pathway with soft foliage or colorful flowers and light it for safety with beautiful pathway lights. A grand entrance will make a lasting first impression for your garden design.

A beautiful garden begins with great landscaping ideas. Selecting the right trees, shrubs and plants will give your yard good height and depth, soften hard edges on adjoining structures and create a enjoyable back garden atmosphere. Good landscaping will always set the stage for everything else you do in your garden.

Here are some important landscaping tips:

Create Depth and Height

When designing your landscape, create interesting layers. Plant tall trees and shrubs at the back of the garden or along the property line to create privacy, then shorter shrubs, plants and flowers toward the garden. Layering plants will create proper scale and emphasize height and depth in your backyard.
Use a Variety of Plants

Select a variety of plants with different sizes, shapes, textures and colors. Place plants with broad leaves next to those with slender, spiky leaves, and those with bright green leaves next to those with darker leaves.The contrast will make your landscape look fuller and look visually interesting.
Choose the Right Plants

When selecting landscape plants, choose the right plants that fit the size of your garden. If you plant seedlings or young trees, shrubs and plants, consider how large they will get when they reach maturity. If you plant the wrong size plants, it will create constant care and maintenance problems.
Choose the Right Grass

Most lawns require regular care, maintenance and water. To conserve energy and resources, consider using native plants and grass alternatives in your garden design.

Before planting, study your garden. Look for sun and shade areas, fertile soil, adequate drainage, pest problems and any existing landscape conditions that may impact growth and maintenance requirements.
Plan for Shade

Your garden won’t be very enjoyable without some shade, especially during hot spring and summer months. By planting several trees, you will provide adequate shade in a comfortable garden atmosphere for family activities and entertaining.

Trees not only create comfortable shade, they also give your house a look of permanence, soften hard materials and provide more privacy. Trees, whether tall or small, create good scale, height and depth and create impact in your garden.

Trees provide interest, shape, texture and color throughout the year. If you plant two or three trees, harmonize the shapes, landscape plant such as round, pyramidal, weeping, and vary the different size and shapes of leaves.

By creating flowing paths in your garden, you will add both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Garden Paths can create stunning footpaths from the front garden to the back garden, safe footpaths from the house to winding pathways to colorful garden areas.

Whether you prefer the elegant look of stone pavers, the traditional look of brick, the modern appeal of concrete or the natural appeal of gravel or stepping stones, the flowing paths will provide hardscaping that contrasts the softness of trees and plants and increases visual appeal and interesting texture and color.

When planning paths, follow these design tips:

  • Follow natural access patterns within your garden, otherwise, children and dogs will create their own pathways through your grass and flower beds.
  • Create straight paths where ever possible. Although they are less pleasing than a winding pathways, they create the shortest path to a destination and are the least expensive to build.
  • Use curves and steps only where there is a reason, not just to meander through the garden.
  • Provide practicality, safety and visual appeal by making paths at least 36 inches wide, which will allow two people to walk together. For an illusion of extra length and width, widen one end and add extra width at curves.
  • Never slope walkways more than 10 percent, one to five percent is ideal. If your back garden is sloped, incorporate curves, steps or ramps in your back garden design to compensate for the slope and provide safe footpaths.
  • Make steps as wide as the paths the they connect to. Never use just one step, two or three steps provide more safety. Make steps emphatic and noticeable with plants along the borders, contrasting textures or landscaping and lighting to prevent falls. Use materials on paths and steps that provide slip-resistance when wet.
  • Keep hedges and border plants next to walkways low and well-maintaned so you don’t crowd the foot path.

Create Eye-Catching Edges and Borders

Edges and borders will create a neat, well-maintaned landscape with great form, contrast, texture and color. Interesting edges and borders, next to decks, patios, walkways and fences add a lot of visual appeal to any garden. You can create eye-catching edges and borders with landscape plants, as well as interesting building materials.

A border created with interesting ground covers, soft greenery or colorful shrubs and flowers will create stunning visual appeal in your back garden. Select plants and flowers that bloom during different seasons for all year round color or foliage.

Edges and borders created with hard landscaping materials will provide permanent form and neat outlines in your back garden, as well as interesting texture and contrast. You can design edges and borders with a variety of hard landscaping materials like stone, concrete and brick.

Create a visual interest by setting brick or stone diagonally or on end. Create a natural appeal with wood timbers or flagstone paving.

For added visual appeal and height, build a unique container gardens within your back garden. You can design container gardens around the back garden to create property boundaries or set them along pathways and patio areas. Container gardens can be built in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials that will complement the style and atmosphere of your backyard.

If you find these steps difficult, you can always call for professional help. Get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01244 490106, or leaving an email at

LW Landscapes will get the job done for you.

Get Your Landscape Ready For Summer Now!

Despite the fact that we’re not even halfway into April just yet, we’ve already been allowed to enjoy more than our fair shar of British sunshine this year. The overcast skies have made way for blistering sunshine, blooming flowers and singing birds, and it’s fair to say that we’ve left the frosty winter well and truly behind us.

Since it’s proving to be so nice outside lately- and with many forecasters believing we’re going to be in for a summer to remember- it’s only natural that you fancy the idea of putting your feet up in your back yard. You just can’t beat the feel of the sun on your face after a hard day at work, and you’re bound to ensure that you’re making the most of the weather while it’s hot.
Well, if you really want to be able to relax in the sun in style, then you’re going to need a gorgeous landscape! So go ahead and poke your head out the window and ask yourself- is this a place I want to relax in? No? Then here’s exactly how you could benefit from our landscaping services this summer:

• Relaxation
As mentioned above, a huge benefit to having a beautiful outdoor space is the sense of relaxation you’ll be able to achieve. If you end up sat in the middle of a cluttered, decaying landscape, then the effect just won’t be the same. Here at LW, we provide a range of excellent landscaping services that are all dedicated to giving you the garden of your dreams, which means that you can enjoy the sunshine in style!

• Property Value
It’s no secret that many people looking to buy a home will look at the outdoor space available to them. By using LW to completely transform your landscape, you’ll be significantly increasing your property value!

• Entertaining
With the summer season fast approaching, you’re bound to fancy a good barbecue or some sort of garden party to really make the most of the sun. Well, the best way to do that is with an incredible new landscape! By taking advantage of our expert services, you’ll soon have your guests gasping with admiration- and your barbecue could become the event of the summer!
Here at LW Landscapes, we provide the best landscaping in Wirral and the surrounding areas, so please get in touch if you’d like any further information regarding our services!

3 Big Benefits of a Paved Driveway

Let’s face it- we all dream of having an absolutely stunning outdoor space. Not only will this improve the selling value of your property, but it will also have the guy living next door peeking over his garden fence as he turns green with envy. By owning a beautiful driveway, patio and garden, your home will become much more inviting- and so it’s a good job that we are the landscaping experts here at LW Landscapes!

When it comes to finding the perfect driveway for you, you might start to feel a little overwhelmed by the huge amount of choice available to you. So how do you decide on which surface is right for you? LW Landscapes provide a variety of driveway services, and we’re here today to run you through some of the benefits of our block paving driveways:

  1. They Look Fantastic

When it comes to designing and installing a brand new driveway, the main thing you’re going to be worried about is whether or not it looks good. The last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on a driveway that doesn’t look quite right or just isn’t your cup of tea, and so it’s a good job that paved driveways are able to complement all manner of properties. Whether you own a home steeped in history or a brand new build, a block paving driveway will accompany it perfect- so you never have to worry about it looking out of place.


  1. They’re Easy To Install

No matter how derelict their current driveway might look, many homeowners are put off replacing it due to the fact that they don’t like the idea of the work taking so long. If a landscaping job encounters unforeseen circumstances and is delayed, then people will worry that the project will never get finished. Fortunately, block paving not only looks great, but is also incredibly easy to install. This means that it won’t be long until the work is done and you’re back to normal- the only difference being the stunning drive sitting in front of your home!


  1. They Are Very Durable

After waiting for your new driveway to be designed and installed, it’s only natural that you won’t really fancy having to replace the driveway any time soon. Thankfully, block paving driveways are incredibly durable, meaning that they won’t cave under any adverse weather conditions and that it won’t need replacing for years to come- if at all!

If you’re interested in installing a brand new landscape, then get in touch with us today- we offer the best driveways in Wirral and the surrounding areas!