Do You Have Any Super Plants In Your Garden?

By now, we surely all know that human activity is having a serious impact on the environment and we all have a responsibility to Mother Earth to do all we can to reduce this, as far as is practical based on our own individual circumstances.

Gardeners can actually do an awful lot to help tackle certain issues, such as air pollution, all through what they decide to plant in their outdoor spaces, it seems, with new research from the RHS showing that hedges such as the Cotoneaster franchetii can serve as air pollution barriers.

The study found that this shrub is at least 20 per cent more effective at soaking up pollution compared to other hedges out there, so this could be excellent food for thought if you do live in an air pollution hotspot.

RHS director of science and collections professor Alistair Griffiths also explained that environmental issues can be alleviated in other ways, as well, such as by planting ivy on the walls to help cool buildings, while hawthorn and privet can be used to ease intense rainfalls in summer, as well as reducing localised flooding.

You could also consider planting a rain garden at home if you’re keen to help the environment. This helps manage rainwater runoff from hard surfaces after heavy rain, so perfect for urbanites.

It involves digging a shallow area of ground to receive water runoff from your roof, with plants included that are able to withstand waterlogging for up to 18 hours at a time.

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