Does Landscaping Add Value To A House?

There are many different reasons for starting a home improvement project, whether that’s to increase your living space, to refresh the interior decor or to indulge in a love of DIY. 

Regardless of the motivation behind the project, what you’ll also likely find as a very real benefit is that you’re able to add potentially significant value to the property, which will stand you in excellent stead if you ever decide to sell up and move on.

It can be tempting to direct your focus to the interior of the property but you may want to consider doing up the gardening and concentrating on your hard and soft landscaping ideas, as well, if adding value is your end goal.

Recent research from Post Office Money suggests that you could actually add more value to the house by doing up the garden than if you invested in an extension, conservatory or a new kitchen… which is certainly something to bear in mind!

The exterior of your home is what potential buyers will see first so by sprucing it up you’ll instantly increase the curb appeal of the house and help facilitate a quick sale and top offers.

Planting trees, making your driveway look picture perfect and well presented, making sure the lawn is well cared for, installing stylish outdoor lighting, creating a sense of privacy and installing an irrigation system can all help add serious value to your house, as well as making it more appealing to prospective househunters.

In 2023 and beyond, focusing on eco-friendly home improvements outside could also prove highly beneficial if you’re looking to appeal to buyers. 

With sustainable landscape design, the key is to minimise both resource input and waste output, whether that’s by using recycled and salvaged materials, mulching the garden, opting for drought-tolerant planting, or installing permeable paving in patios and driveways. 


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