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Furloughed Brits Spent 254% On Garden During Lockdown

Workers who have been on furlough since lockdown was imposed at the end of March have been trying to find ways to kill the time over the last few months. For many, this has involved hanging out in their garden, whether pruning bushes or enjoying the warm weather.

Therefore, it is not surprising that spending on garden items, furniture and equipment has increased during this period. Indeed, those on furlough have spent 254 per cent more on garden products during lockdown than they had before it.

While many people on furlough have been spending more money on goods despite being off work, the largest increase of purchases was for garden products.

It is not just those who have had to stop working who have been buying more for their outdoor spaces since March, however, as spending on garden items and outdoor furniture has increased by 23 per cent and seven per cent respectively among all consumers.

Head of home insurance at Admiral Noel Summerfield commented on the shift in consumer spending, saying: “We’ve all relied on different things to get us through the challenge of lockdown, and as well as shopping for essentials we’ve been spending to improve the comfort of our time in confinement and to enhance our outdoor spaces.”

He added: “When it comes to items we’re spending more on, gardening equipment and garden furniture have both seen an increase. I’m sure the wonderful weather most of us enjoyed in May contributed to this.”

Indeed, the fine climate over the last few weeks has made it more pleasant to spend time outdoors, and this is not set to change with the Met Office predicting a heatwave could be on the cards for July.

It stated “temperatures are expected to be above average overall”, due to high pressure from the Atlantic.

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