Gardening Jobs To Do In July

Gardening enthusiasts will be happy to see some colour in their pots and borders starting to crop up, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left for them to do in their outdoor space. Indeed, there are plenty of gardening jobs for them to carry out in July, from sowing vegetables to pruning fruit trees.

Those who are keen on growing their own veg that they can enjoy during the autumn and winter should consider sowing spring cabbage, turnips, carrots, French beans and runner beans. The Royal Horticultural Society also recommends planting out leeks and brassicas for a winter crop if this has not been done already.

House Beautiful also reminds people who want to enjoy pumpkins during the autumn months – whether to carve for Halloween or for delicious soups – that this is the perfect time to sow the seeds. Additionally, the news provider suggested starting to grow spinach seeds, particularly in cooler parts of the country. It is also not too late to grow cucumbers for those who can’t resist them in their salads.

According to the publication: “Cukes are fast-growers, so you can plant seeds now for another crop before your first frost.”

Radishes and lettuce are also great additions to salads, so make sure you get those seeds sown soon so you can enjoy them for months to come. Gardeners’ World recommends sowing lettuce continually between March and September if you want to have a constant supply throughout the year. It also suggests radishes as a good option for those starting out, as they are “quick to mature, easy to grow and almost pest-free”.

July isn’t just a good time to grow vegetables however, as there are some beautiful late bloomers that are worth planting during the month.

These include Moss Roses, which are hardy and can tolerate frost; Zinnia, able to withstand the hottest months; and Pentas, known to attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds to the garden. Marigolds are also popular flowers to grow at this time of the year, as their striking yellow, gold and orange colours not only help to brighten up a yard, but they are as “tough as nails” and can withstand cooler temperatures until a hard freeze sets in.

As well as planting new crops of vegetables and flowers, July is a good time to carry out maintenance on the things that are already growing. For instance, the RHS advises pruning fruit trees, such as cherry, gooseberry, redcurrant, white currant, kiwi, and melon trees and bushes.

With the temperatures likely to rise during the summer months, it is also essential to water plants, fruit and vegetables regularly. Beans, cranberries, lingonberries, blueberries and melons, in particular, need watering frequently to stop them drying out.

According to the RHS: “This will aid healthy development, and help to avoid diseases, disorders and bolting.”

This is also a good time to sort out any problems with your crops. For instance, it is wise to check plants for aphids, look for asparagus beetle, eradicate woolly aphids, plum rust, pear leaf blister mite, pear rust, blossom end rot on tomatoes, and watch out for potato and tomato blight.

After ensuring your garden plants, fruits and vegetable are in top condition, it is a good idea to keep your lawn in check too. Landscaping in the Wirral will ensure your garden looks great and provides specific areas for you to grow as many crops as you like.

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