Gardening Prescriptions Could Soon Be On The Way!

There are all sorts of benefits associated with pursuing gardening as a hobby and if you’re new to it all, you’re sure to find that your physical, mental and emotional health all starts to really improve as a result. 

Spending time in nature is incredibly good for you – and, in fact, it’s possible that doctors all over the country could soon be prescribing this as a way to help improve health outcomes following the publication of an evidence review from the National Academy for Social Prescribing.

The review confirms that time spent in nature can help with all sorts of health-related aspects, including reducing stress levels, reducing blood pressure, lower risk of obesity, diabetes and covid, and lower levels of both cardiovascular and respiratory issues.

It can also help increase wellbeing, reduce social isolation, increase happiness and resilience, and decrease PTSD symptoms and ADHD (when prescribed alongside mindfulness and therapeutic activities).

The strength of this evidence supports the inclusion of green social prescribing as part of the NHS’s long-term plan to reduce health inequalities, improve mental health outcomes, reduce demand on the health service and make green social activities both accessible and sustainable.

James Sanderson, director of community health and personalised care at NHS England, commented on the findings, saying: “With partners, we have been promoting the wide range of physical and mental ill-health benefits of nature based activities, particularly with examples across the country through our Green Social Prescribing Test and Learn sites to tackle and prevent mental ill health. 

“To now see this evidenced in this report, it provides the health and care system with the foundation to encourage a wider rollout reaching into areas who may experience health inequalities and support people and what matters to them.”

There’s no need to wait to be prescribed a nature sojourn, however… if you’d like to give yourself a health boost over the coming months, what about revamping your outside spaces so you can really enjoy the natural world with ease? 

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