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Getting Your Decking Ready For Autumn

Although we’ve been blessed with an Indian summer by the looks of it, with the weather displaying a very serious uptick this week following an incredibly wet and soggy July and August, it’s worth remembering that we are now on the approach to autumn… so now’s the time to think about those little household jobs you need to do before cold and rain really set in.

Your decking area is one of the hardest working parts of the house, in large part because it’s always so exposed to the elements. 

Over time, it can really start to show its age and even start to pose a health risk if you’re not careful, so looking after it and doing regular maintenance can keep it in fine fettle and ensure you’re not traversing a slippery, cracked or broken surface.

While we’ve still got some warm weather and sunshine, make the most of it and give your decking a good scrub down. You can use a specialist decking cleaner and a scrubbing brush or a power washer to get rid of any mildew and algae, as well as clearing any dirt and leaves that have built up.

Once done, give it a rinse and then check it over for cracks, rot, weak areas and other such damage that will need to be repaired before winter sets in.

After cleaning and repairs have been carried out, you can then afford your decking an extra level of protection by sealing and finishing it

Doing this every two to three years will help provide it with all the protection it needs from harsh weather. If you don’t seal the decking from time to time, you’ll find that moisture is better able to penetrate deep into the wood, which can lead to rot, splintering, cracking and warping.


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