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Gravel Landscaping: A Quick Guide

A beautifully contemporary way to give your outdoor spaces an instant uplift is to bring in some gravel landscaping here and there, something that is proving to be particularly popular with homeowners the length and breadth of the country right now.

There are all sorts of reasons as to why this material is currying serious favour at the moment and you’re sure to be tempted by the fact that it’s easy to use and relatively cheap, all without compromising on stylish aesthetics. 

Add to that the fact that gravel is a really permeable material and will help you turn your home into an eco-friendly paradise, helping you to comply with sustainable urban drainage regulations, and you know you’re onto a winner.

You’ll also find that gravel is a really versatile option and you can use it in small areas of the garden or go all out with a full landscaping design project

Gravel driveways, for example, are a great choice if you’re considering redoing this part of the house, since it’s cheaper than other materials, offers excellent drainage and is easy to maintain and repair over time.

Equally, if you have smaller parts of the garden that might be tricky to pave over, you can get around this problem with gravel, bringing it to life by using different types, colours and sizes, laying them out in interesting geometric designs to deliver added interest to your outdoor spaces.

And if you’re keen to be as green as possible at home, bear in mind that you can make your garden more sustainable by reducing lawned areas and using gravel instead. 

Lawns are high maintenance and require a lot of water to keep them looking green, whereas gravel looks after itself and even reduces surface water runoff, helping you to boost your water conservation efforts without much trouble at all.

If you’re still unsure as to which materials would be best for you and your home, get in touch with us today to discuss your hard and soft landscaping ideas with us.