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Heatwave Tips For Gardeners

As lovely as the summer sun can be, it’s not especially good news for gardening enthusiasts – and it seems that this weather is going to continue over the coming weeks, so knowing how to ensure your outdoor spaces continue to flourish is certainly wise.

The Met Office has just issued the UK’s first ever Amber Extreme Heat Warning, covering parts of Wales, all of south-west England and parts of southern and central England – and predictions are that we will see a two-week heatwave in August, as well… which means that our gardens are likely to be parched come the autumn.

When it comes to watering, only do so early in the morning or as late as you can in the evening, as this means you won’t damage your plants. The sun shining on water can act much like a magnifying glass, burning the leaves – and if you water too soon during the day, too much water will evaporate, so it’s a less sustainable way to garden.

Try not to dig your garden up when it’s too hot outside, either, since this may well destroy the soil’s structure, disturb your plant roots and increase moisture loss. You can help the soil hold more moisture, however, by adding some organic mulch onto the surface during spring.

And where your lawn is concerned, only mow it once a week or even less. Don’t worry if it starts going brown and drying out – as soon as the rains return, it’ll bounce back with aplomb.

It’s also important to make sure you’re looking after yourself outside during hot weather spells. Drink plenty of water, don’t try to get as much done in the garden as you normally would and try to carry out your tasks in the morning or evening.


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