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How Cold Weather Can Damage Your Patio Slabs

With winter now upon us, it’s important to know how wind, rain and cold can affect our homes so we can take steps to protect them and ensure they make it through to spring in one piece.

Patios, in particular, are vulnerable to damage at this time of year because – much like the roof of your property – they’re constantly exposed to the elements and this can quickly take its toll if you’re not careful. Before you know it, your beautiful investment is starting to look a little worse for wear.

Something to be on your guard against is the formation of cracks in your patio installation. These can take hold relatively quickly thanks to water freezing in the slab material, expanding and then thawing as temperatures go up and down. 

Keep an eye on your patio and if you see any cracks popping up, fix them up with some crack filler to help prevent water from penetrating to the base.

It’s also advisable to keep on top of any weeds that you spot popping up here and there. If you leave the weeds to their own devices, they could turn to slippery green moss and algae, which can damage the slabs and also make it hazardous to walk on. 

Of course, it’s not always easy to get out and about in the garden when the weather’s bad, but you’ll thank yourself come spring for taking the time to do the weeding.

To make life a little easier and to reduce the back-breaking gardening work you need to do, installing an awning over the patio can make a big difference. This will help protect your patio from the wind and rain, as well as making your garden look even more beautiful when the sun does shine once again.