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How To Attract Birds To Your Garden

When it comes to gardening, birds have a hugely important role to play so you’d be wise to do all you can to attract them to your outdoor spaces. They can help with pest and rodent control, flower pollination and weed control – and it’s always lovely doing some bird watching early in the morning with your first cup of tea or coffee when you get up.

But how do you go about ensuring that our feathered friends come to nest in your garden rather than elsewhere? You need to make sure that you’re providing them with a hospitable environment all year round, giving them food, water and shelter, as well as nesting sites and adequate protection from predators.

Put out nest boxes for them and you’ll soon find they flock to your garden, but also make sure that your planting gives them what they need. Birds particularly like ivy, evergreen trees, shrubs and conifers, as these give them proper protection from the cold during the winter months.

Also make sure you’re giving them food to eat, such as berries and seeds – so think about what you’re planting in your beds and borders, as well as giving them supplementary food like fat balls. Don’t forget about water, either, easily achieved by installing a birdbath somewhere outside.

The Woodland Trust website has some really useful hints and tips to help you increase the number of birds visiting your garden, so make sure you go and have a read if you’re worried that you haven’t been seeing very many flying about recently.

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