How To Attract Hedgehogs To Your Garden

Thinking about attracting different types of wildlife to your garden is one of the most fun aspects of landscaping and design. If done with proper consideration of this at the outset, you should soon start to see all sorts of interesting birds and animals making appearances throughout the year.

One of the most endangered – and most beloved – of all animals that can be found in the UK is the humble hedgehog. Earlier this year, in fact, the cute little creatures were sadly included in the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List for British Mammals, officially classified as vulnerable to extinction.

One of the best ways to encourage hedgehogs is to link your garden. Hedgehogs roam around at night during their active season, covering between one and two kilometres a night, so they need access to as many gardens as possible. Cut small holes in your fences and walls so they can crawl around and about.

Wild flowers and planting can also really help give hedgehogs the cover they need to nest safely, so set aside a corner of the garden and let it grow of its own accord. The added benefit of a wild corner is that you’ll also see all sorts of amazing pollinating insects, so you’re not just helping the hedgehogs, either.

And what about leaving them out some sustenance to help keep them going on their nighttime wanderings? You can buy specific hedgehog food, or put out some meaty cat or dog food. They also love unsalted peanuts, so leave them out as a treat, as well!

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