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How To Bring Your Patios To Life: 4 Fun & Bright Ideas!

Of course, patios are a very practical addition to any home and they’re a great way to extend your living space but, naturally, you want these spaces to blend function with style at the same time… so here are some top ideas from the LW Landscapes team to help you bring your patios to life with ease.


#1 Create a container garden

Just because you have lots of hard landscaping doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy beautiful plants and flowers. Simply put together a container garden, playing with different dimensions, textures and colours, and you’ll find your paved areas look stunning without much trouble at all. Don’t forget to use hanging planters as well, to maximise the use of the space.


#2 Install raised bed borders

If you’d like to create a dining area on your patio, you can easily zone the space by building raised beds so that they create a border or frame around your table and seating. Once you’ve put your plants in, you’re sure to love the effect this creates.


#3 Build an outdoor kitchen

One of the biggest garden design trends of late is the outdoor kitchen, allowing you to enjoy al fresco dining with ease. These work best when they complement the interiors of your home, allowing you to blend the indoors and outdoors seamlessly.


#4 Don’t forget the lighting scheme

You’re sure to want to spend time on your patio once the sun has gone down, so make sure you’ve given the lighting system some thought. There are various ways in which this can be achieved, whether you go for string lighting, outdoor lanterns at floor level or something like pendant lights that come with built-in heating… perfect for our tempestuous British weather!