How To Create A Dog-Friendly Garden

When it comes to creating the perfect landscaped garden, an important part of the design process is to think about how you’re going to use the space… and who is going to use it, as well.

Considering the needs of others when planning your garden will help you make all sorts of different decisions as you go along – and it’s important not to forget about your four-legged friends, either.

Those of you with dogs at home may want to take extra care to design a dog-friendly space so that all members of the family can enjoy time outside. To help you do just that, here are a few top tips from the team here at LW Landscapes today.


Choose dog-friendly plants

There are loads of varieties out there that cause no problems for dogs, whether you’re taken with snapdragons and roses, calendula or centaurea. Roses might be a particularly fine choice, since they’ve fallen out of favour somewhat, not proving popular with younger generations of gardeners!


Watch out for slugs!

Slugs and snails can not only cause untold damage to your prized plants, they also represent a serious health risk where your pups are concerned. They can contract lungworm if they eat infected slugs or snails, so take care to keep on top of pest populations outside.


Put the lid on the compost

Food scraps will always smell so yummy and tempting to your dog, so make sure they can’t eat something they’re not supposed to by keeping a firm lid on your compost bin.


See it from their perspective

You want your pooch to enjoy being outside in the garden with you, so why not add in a few features just for them? What about installing benches, steps and sleepers at various heights so they can play and explore, or you could consider planting nice herbs at different heights so they can find new sniffs all the time.


Give them a dig area

Dogs love digging, but you won’t love it if they destroy your plants and shrubs. So give them their own specific spot somewhere in the garden and suddenly, everyone’s a winner!


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