How To Create A Stylish Patio For Al Fresco Dining

With summer on the way in and lockdown on the way out, no doubt you’re all really looking forward to the time you can invite friends and family over to your house for a spot of entertainment.

Now’s the time to start getting your outdoor patio areas ready to accommodate everyone, so make sure you get the pressure washer out to give it a hose down and clear any weeds that may have sprung up between the slabs. You’ll be amazed at how this immediately brings your patio back to life.

Once this has been completed, you can turn your attention to your garden furniture. If you’ve already got some, give this a good clean as well, since it will likely have accumulated dust, dirt and grime over the last few months. Make sure you have a table and seating area, and an extra bench in case more people arrive than were expected.

If you have the space, you can create a very cosy dining area by zoning it off from the rest of the garden, using plants and shrubbery to help it blend in with the rest of its surroundings. Lighting can also be used to great effect to help mark out separate areas.

This being the UK, you will, of course, require some kind of awning or covering to help provide you with protection from the elements, so make sure you don’t forget to invest in something like this.

Opting for natural materials and fabrics for your outdoor areas is a good idea, as this will really help to make it feel more connected to nature and the great outdoors.

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