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How To Create Beautiful Borders In Your Garden

Garden borders constitute an essential part of any good landscaping project and they’re a brilliant (and beautiful) way to create a sense of flow, section off various parts of the site and even hide aspects you don’t want to see, such as sheds and other more utilitarian features that aren’t especially exciting.

You need to think about the shape and size of your garden, as this will largely determine the kind of borders that would suit it best. It may well be, for example, that straight borders are appropriate, especially if you’re going for a formal look, but curved borders can look very interesting and really help bring your garden to life.

If your garden is on the smaller side, curved borders can help make it look bigger than it is, really creating the illusion of space. And you can soften straight borders by choosing your plants wisely.

Novice gardeners may want to ensure that their borders are wider, as they’re easier to look after and give your plants space to grow, while minimising the amount of work you’ll need to do in order to keep them contained within the space.

Soil preparation is key before you start planting, so make sure you give yourself enough time to do this properly. Once you’ve removed your turf, use a fork to dig over the exposed soil to remove any debris, stones and old plant roots, and to break up big clumps of soil. From there, you can spread your manure or garden compost over the top and turn it into the soil.

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