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How To Get Kids Interested In Gardening

Gardening is a brilliant pastime, one that brings with it endless rewards and benefits, everything from enjoying more fresh air and getting more exercise to helping boost mental health and wellbeing by reducing depression and anxiety.

And for children, there are all sorts of ways in which they can benefit too, since the pursuit engages all the senses, encourages healthy eating, brings with it a sense of satisfaction through watching seeds grow, teaches responsibility and patience… the advantages are neverending!

But how can you encourage reluctant kids to step away from the TV and the tablet and head outside with a trowel and garden spade? Well, first of all, think about what you want to grow and perhaps opt for the likes of marigolds, sunflowers and poppies, as these are all easy to grow from seed.

Sensory plants are also a good choice for kids, especially rattling poppy seed heads, which your children will have an awful lot of fun with. Anything brightly coloured will always go over well, so swiss chard, chameleon plants and chocolate ruffles will likely be very popular indeed.

And, of course, anything edible is likely to be a success, as well, and you may even find that the fussy eaters in your family soon take more of an interest in food if they’re growing their own at home. Look out for lettuce, radish, runner beans and courgettes, which are all quite quick to grow – and very, very tasty!

What about setting out a little portion of the garden that’s specifically for your children? Involve them at the design stage so they can make the decisions themselves regarding layout and what goes where. Before you know it, their green fingers will start to show.


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