How To Get Kids Into Gardening

With lockdown now in full swing and the government now having extended restrictions for a further three weeks in order to help slow the spread of the pandemic, we’re all having to spend our days at home… and in the garden!

Now’s the perfect time to teach your children a few gardening skills, especially since the weather is so nice at the moment. It’s sure to bring some much-needed smiles to their little faces at the moment and help to keep them occupied and, hopefully, tire them out at the same time, giving you and the rest of a family a break.

To help foster an interest in gardening, what about giving them a little bit of the garden that they can call their own? Letting them choose what plants and flowers they want to grow can also help them take more of an interest and they’re sure to be more excited watching seeds sprout if they’ve picked their favourites and planted them themselves.

The Royal Horticultural Society has some helpful guidance on its website that could point you in the right direction if you do want your kids to get into gardening.

It suggests investing in some sensory plants that your kids can play with, such as rattling poppy seedheads, smelly curry plant and furry Stachys byzantina. Edible flowers might also be a good idea, such as peppery nasturtium and day lily, which tastes lovely and sweet.

If you need any help from landscape gardeners in Chester once lockdown is over and we can all leave our homes once again, get in touch with us here at LW Landscapes to see how we can help keep your outside spaces in fine fettle.

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