How To Grow An Organic Garden

If you’re keen to start gardening in the new year but aren’t sure where to begin, thinking about creating an organic garden at home could be a great direction to consider going in, prioritising natural methods for a more sustainable growing environment.

There are all sorts of benefits to building an organic garden, including healthier soil to help support your plants, encouraging biodiversity, using the resources available more responsibly while minimising damage to the environment and avoiding the use of toxic chemicals.

Put the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle at the very heart of your gardening and being organic will soon be second nature. Bring in natural resources and find them locally to you to help reduce your impact even further.

And, of course, how you use water is very important, as this is an essential for gardens of all kinds, organic or not. Rainwater harvesting means you can avoid using mains water, but you could also consider growing drought-tolerant plants that need less water in the first place. And make sure you water in the evening or at night to reduce loss through evaporation.

Organic growing also means avoiding the use of chemicals, such as pesticides and weedkillers, as these can harm bees and other pollinators, as well as affecting soil life and leaving residues behind.

With just a little bit of research and reading-up, you’ll soon feel confident to start your own organic garden – and winter is the perfect time to start planning, so you’re ready to go when spring comes around.

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