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How To Make A Small Garden Look Bigger

Landscaping and garden design can be a little on the tricky side if you don’t have a huge amount of space to play around with, but just because you do have a smaller area than others doesn’t mean you can’t create the garden of your dreams. You’ll just need to employ a few little tricks of the trade!

Layout is absolutely key, of course, so make sure you give this sufficient thought at the planning and design stage. Keeping the scheme simple can create the illusion of space, but you can also trick the mind into thinking you have more room than you do by concealing part of the garden in some way. If you can’t see all of it at once, it will seem a lot bigger than it is.

Changing the levels of the garden can also help make it appear more sizeable, so perhaps consider creating a seating area that you can step down into, allowing you to see your garden from a new perspective.

And dividing your garden into different zones can also achieve a similar effect, using trellis and planting to help you separate the spaces. Having different purposes for each zone will make the garden seem a lot bigger than it is.

In terms of colour, go for a lighter palette when designing the garden, as this will help make it seem bigger. Pops of bright colour can also work wonders in this regard and bring in some mirrors and other reflective surfaces so that natural light bounces around as much as possible.


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