How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

You may well have noticed a few signs of spring popping up here and there on your travels, with snowdrops starting to push their way up through the soil at long last… a sure-fire sign that warmer weather is just around the corner.

Being proactive now and taking the initiative will mean that you’re more than ready to get going in the garden when spring finally does arrive, so now’s the time to start ordering all your summer-flowering bulbs and seeds to ensure you don’t have to wait around and waste precious time that could be spent sowing and growing.

Once you’ve got your orders in, head outside and cast a critical eye over your garden. You’re sure to see borders and flower beds that need a good tidying up, so start removing leaves and any debris that you find, clearing them to bare soil and putting the organic matter in the compost pile.

Make sure you get rid of any weeds you see, as well – but don’t compost these as they will likely germinate and cause you all sorts of problems later down the line.

Keep an eye out for hibernating pests at this time of year, as this will help save you a lot of bother later on in the year. Watch out for snails, slugs and aphids, all of which take shelter over the winter months.

And finally, now is the perfect time to start harvesting rainwater in earnest. With the drier months ahead of us, you’re sure to want to save water as and where you can, so start collecting rainwater in water butts and other containers to help ease pressure on precious water supplies when the summer arrives.


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