How To Prepare Your Patio For Winter

It may not be as much fun gardening in the winter, when it’s so cold outside, but there are some very essential outdoor jobs that need doing to ensure your garden makes it through the colder months in one piece, ready to be enjoyed come the spring.

Water can cause real problems for your patio, so you do need to take a few steps to make sure it’s properly protected at this time of year.

Rainfall can make it much easier for algae and moss to grow, so bear this in mind – and also remember that rain can make it dangerous to walk on paving stones. Damage can also be done when rainwater freezes, leading to cracks in the paving itself.

Installing an awning is one of the best ways to protect any paved areas you have at home and you can invest in retractable ones that make it easy to extend them as soon as it starts to rain.

To help prevent water penetration and erosion, you could also consider applying a kind of  sealant, which won’t change the look of your patio at all but will offer it proper protection from the elements.

If you already have cracks appearing in your patio, don’t neglect them as they’ll only get worse over time. There are products out there you can use to restore the joints in your paving and they’re easy to apply, helping to prevent water damage and weed growth.

Also make sure you clear any debris that lands on the patio over the next few weeks, as this will prevent mould and fungus from growing, as well as water stains and other damage. With just a little bit of effort, your patio will make it through the winter in one piece.

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