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How To Save Water When Gardening

Reducing our water usage and consumption is going to become increasingly important in the future, as water shortages start to be felt and demand begins to outstrip supply (which will happen in some parts of England in as little as ten years’ time!).

As a gardener, this is obviously rather concerning, since water is essential for our gardens to flourish and thrive – so what options are there available if you do want to start being more sustainable when tending to your outdoor spaces?

Firstly, think about what time of day you tend to do the watering. Doing it in the evening is better, if possible, because it’s cooler than during the day, so you lose less water through evaporation.

Another tip is to make sure you’re not over-watering your plants. Stick your spade into the soil fully and if it comes up damp, then you don’t need to water. A simple yet effective little trick! Watching your plants can also tell you if they need water so pay close attention to the leave to see if they’re showing signs of water stress.

Rainwater harvesting is another great way to reduce your water consumption – and is especially good if you live in a dry part of the country. Invest in a water butt to collect the rain that falls on your roof and use that instead of mains water to give your plants their daily drink.

You can even buy greywater diverters that divert water from your bath and shower to your water butt or irrigation system – so you can save even more water while keeping your plants happy.

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