How To Stop Garden Pests

This is a wonderful time for gardeners and there’s nothing more enjoyable than spending an hour or two out in the fresh air, tending to all your various plants. But it’s also a wonderful time for all those garden pests who suddenly appear to munch on your prized flowers, plants and vegetables!

One common little bug you’re likely to see popping up right now are aphids, which suck the sap out of your plants and cause all sorts of problems. Give your plants a good spray with some water to knock the bugs off or try using horticultural oil to keep them at bay.

You’re also sure to see slugs throughout your garden and these can cause very real havoc, so keeping an eye out for this is wise. Prevention is better than cure, of course, and planting the likes of astrantia can help repel them, as can rosemary, fennel and anise. You could also try scattering coffee grounds in the soil, as this is a good deterrent, as well.

Something else to look out for is the adult vine weevil, which are black in colour and somewhat pear-shaped. The grubs will munch away on the roots of your plants, while the adults will go to town on the leaves, particularly evergreens. You can get rid of these by picking them off your plants and being vigilant throughout your garden.

And if you have lots of brassicas in your garden, watch out for cabbage caterpillars, as these will happily leave you lots of holes in the leaves of your veggies.

Check your susceptible plants over regularly so you can act before a serious infestation manifests itself. Non-pesticide control may be enough to keep populations under control, but you can also use pesticides if you’re struggling.


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