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Landscaping, turfing and more – Here are all relevant confusions resolved!!

Sturdiness and grace – when it comes to your property, both the aspects must be equally taken care of. And that is why don’t overlook landscaping including turfing. A simple yet vibrantly done landscape can help in elevating the value quotient and the beauty quotient of your property in an incredible manner. And this might be the reason why a large number of people are counting on quality landscaping in Chester these days.

Well, you will surely enjoy learning more about turfing in the passages attached below.

Factors to count on before turfing

Things to consider before turfing are as follows:

  • Soil preparation – Ground preparation is something that, if taken care of properly, is going to truly pay you off. The inaptly prepared soil can’t help in producing the best results. However, this might need a bit hard-work but don’t worry; the professional landscaping service providers can help you to resolve this.
  • Rake up – You need to rake up the soil before laying the turf. Raking up can help you to level the soil in a compact but not in a hard manner. Thus, the turf can be laid in a flawless procedure. If raking is not done in a proper manner, the garden is likely to go through the water-logging problem.
  • Turf ordering – In this regard, it is important to measure the garden in the accurate square meters. Pick the turf that suits your garden requirements and features. And remember that you must accomplish laying the turf within 24 hours after it has arrived.


  • Turf laying – According to the experts, it is beneficial to fertilize the soil before turfing. This is supposed to give a good start to the turfs. For the best effects, cut and shape the turf with a sharp knife in bigger pieces instead of simply tearing them off. Also, remember that you are not putting short and randomly cut pieces as these can get dry and basically, these don’t last long.
  • Watering – For amazing results, only soil preparing, raking, and apt turf installation are not enough. You need to provide it with proper sustenance otherwise, the vibrant green color will fade away over a small period of time.
    Therefore, water the turf regularly. Just after the turf is installed, opt for watering it and follow this schedule every evening. Well, in summer days, the turfs might need more watering while in the rainy season; you won’t have to bother about watering it so frequently.
  • Nourishment – During the growing season, it will be good to provide the turf with a good fertilizer mix. For the best results, follow the instruction as given by the manufacturers.
  • Mowing – Now, mowing is another significant deal. Basically, the first mowing can be done two or three weeks after turf installation. But before first mowing, make sure that the grass has rooted properly.

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